Blood and Movie Tickets

State: Florida

Well yesterday was a fun day. I got up after tossing and turning all night and fighting off some wicked bugs and then headed to the library.

When I got there I was confused to see it closed. I checked the hours and found out that on Wednesday and Thursday they aren’t open till 12pm, which I thought were odd hours.

Anyways, I decided to go and see if the Big Red Bus was there yet. It’s a blood donation bus that I knew was coming by the library.

I found it and this time rested for a few minutes before I got on the bus so my heart rate and blood pressure would be at the right rate to donate and wouldn’t stop me from donating like last time.

Stepping onto the bus, I met the blood techs, did the paperwork, and passed the physical. I got talking with Jonathan, the tech that was handling my donation.┬áHe was originally from Nicaragua and came to America when he was 4. He used to be in the research field with blood work, specifically, STD research and he would also counsel patients with them. After that he got into work with OneBlood (the blood donation company with the Big Red Bus). He told me his dream is to follow his sister’s footsteps. She worked for the FBI and is now working for the NSA.

We talked for a good while and then it came time for the needle. Now I actually don’t like needles, so I looked away when the other tech stabbed me and the entire time while I was being drained. The tech kept asking if I was alright. I said I was and that I just didn’t like needles.

After the donation, I was given something that made my donation even more worthwhile. I got a free movie ticket (which may or may not have been my motivation to donate)!

While I was resting up, they handed me a pamphlet telling me all the stuff I should do and shouldn’t do. I started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Jonathan asked with a puzzled look.

I pointed on the pamphlet “avoid heavy lifting”

We both then looked at my backpack and laughed.

“Well just take it easy on your arm. Try not to strain it too much.”

I told him I was going to take it easy and just go see a movie (The Revenant), which he told me was really good. It was. If Leo doesn’t get the Oscar this year there is no justice! You get mauled by a bear, you get an Oscar! That’s how it works!

Before I headed out, I got another goody bag of food from the techs and I got to meet another cool lady who works for Oneblood. Her name is Yamile, but she told me to call her Yami. She was super excited for me about my trip and told me she totally wants to do what I’m doing. After my donation she walked me to the library to make sure I was going to make it alright after donating.

She showed me some pictures of a bear she took and gave me suggestions of some cool places to check out while I’m here in Florida. We then said our goodbyes and I headed into the library to kill some time before my movie.

When I came out of the library a few hours later I headed back to the bus to get a picture of it and I ran into Yami again. She gave me a hug and then we took a picture together. She told me she was going to follow me and share what I’m doing like crazy.

I thanked her and told her I was going to do the same for her company. Then I said goodbye to yet another wonderful woman I’ve met on my trip.

If you want to help save a life, check out:

It’s a great company with wonderful people who know what they are doing. So get out there and save some lives!

Forever your friend,

~The Outsider

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