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State: Florida

So today I got up and it was still raining. The forecast showed it was going to rain all day, but the weatherman hasn’t exactly been on point since I’ve been down here and sure enough around 11:00am there was a break in the storm.

Instead of wasting the day waiting around for the slight chance of rain to pass, I headed out and started to get stuff done.

First I went to the police station and got my fingerprints done to finish up my concealed carry permit forms. After that I headed to the library to make a copy of the receipt from getting the fingerprints (another thing they wanted with the forms). However, I noticed they were having a blood drive in front of the library, but there was a kicker. Two free movie tickets when you donate.

Now on this trip, it has been a nonstop adventure and I really haven’t been missing most modern conveniences, but lately I have really been wanting to go see a movie (The Revenant). But the only thing I’m spending money on is food (because I currently have $155 bucks to my name).

So this lady comes and asks me if I would like to donate, I tell her I do, but I have to go to the post office first (to mail my concealed carry application). I asked her what time they were going to be there. She told me about till 4:00pm.

The post office turned out to be about two miles away and it was about 1:00pm. No problem I says and began the trek to the post office.

When I finally arrived I quickly realized that Mondays are not the best time to go to the post office. The line was brutal and people were going up to the post office workers without everything filled out and ready to go on their packages.

I now know where the term going postal comes from because I’m pretty sure everyone in line with me wanted to.

After an hour wait I was freed and had to book it back to the library because I wanted those movie tickets. I did think on the way back though that this might not be the best idea because of how sore and tired I was, but Seth wanted to see a movie.

When I got there I was greeted by the same lady.

“I thought you forgot about me.”

“No, the post office line was awful. I tried to hurry back as fast as I could.”

“Are you ready now?”

“Yup, let’s do it,” I said out of breath.

We went upstairs in the library (two floor library I’m in heaven), and into a room where they had everything set up. I filled out the paperwork and they then gave me a physical, took a sample of my blood, and checked my heart rate and blood pressure.

Everything was fine except my heart rate and blood pressure, no doubt due to the 2 mile hike I just did with a 70lb pack as fast as I could. The lady said that we would wait 10 minutes and try again.

While I was waiting they gave me a subway sandwich, fritos, cookies, and a water.

After the 10 minutes we tried again and my blood pressure and heart rate were still elevated, so I wasn’t able to donate because of the strict rules they have (they can only take them twice).

I felt bad because they had already fed me and were all really nice. But they said not to worry about it and that I could go to their website and find out where they were going to be:

They then gave me a huge bag of food (more subway sandwiches, chips, cookies, and Gatorade)!

I ended up going back the next day and was able to donate. You can read about it in Blood and Movie Tickets.

Check out the site, it’s a pretty cool program

Forever your friend,

~The Outsider

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