State: Florida When I got up I was pretty tired. I didn’t sleep well and the bugs really didn’t help. Even though I was completely covered in my sleeping bag, they still got in. I got a particularly painful bite right on my neck too. Yet I thanked God that I had I nice secluded place to sleep and prayed the prayer I pray every day. For him to lead me on the path He’s set for me and to guide me to people I’m supposed to meet. I set out north with my goal for the day being to get to U.S. 41. TheRead More →

State: Florida While I was planning my trip across America, I knew I needed a good starting point. My original pick was Mars Hill Maine and I’ll tell you why in a future article. However, as I worked to pay off my student loans, it became apparent that I would either have to wait 6 more months to start my journey or pick a new starting point. The reason was because I wasn’t going to leave until I had my student loans paid off and it was getting to be the latter part of the year. My trip is based on being north during summerRead More →

State: Florida I woke up well rested in my hammock underneath the awesome fort Jason built for his kids. Jason invited me in for breakfast and I quickly found out that it was Jojos 8th birthday because Niah the eldest was making funfetti pancakes and donuts. After breakfast Jojo got to open some of her presents even though her real party was tomorrow. She got some awesome scratch and sniff stickers and this super straw construction set to drink out of stuff in all kinds of awesome ways. “Thank you mommy!” Jojo said as she lit up the room with her smile. “Jojo, I’m notRead More →

State: Florida Well, I went through and passed the class today for my concealed carry permit. It was a $100 class at Kiffney’s Firearms in Key Largo. It was very thorough and well done. During the class though, I found out something that made me cringe a little bit. You see I counted on the $100 for the class which I thought was for everything, what I didn’t count on was the processing fee of the department of agriculture ($70) and the cost of getting my fingerprints done for the background check ($37.75). So basically that would put me at less than $100 in myRead More →

State: New Hampshire Fan Topic Suggestion by Sheila Harper One of the big missions of my trip across America is to get stronger in my Christian faith. After 6 months on the road, my faith has never been stronger. The reason is I’ve seen God working in my life. One of the first prayers I did on this journey was along these lines: “Lord, I know I can be stubborn and my head can get in the way, so I don’t know if it’s you talking to me or not. So can you please just show me in my travels and let me know it’sRead More →

State: Maine I woke up sore and tired. Reason being was I stayed up late because I had WiFi and wanted to work on some updates. Anyways, after taking some aspirin and folding up my rainfly, I headed out determined to make it to Mars Hill. Now I only had 25 miles to go and my average in Florida was typically 15-20 miles in a day, with my record being 30 miles. However, the terrain in Maine is a lot different (i.e. more hilly). So my average was cut to 10-15 miles per day. Therefore, I knew in order to make it, I’d be walkingRead More →

State: Florida Yesterday my friend Robert Frost dropped me off near a wildlife preserve in the early afternoon. I walked a little while and then headed into the woods and couldn’t have been happier. I set up my hammock in this odd forest of pine and palmetto. Yet I felt at peace and home. Far enough away from the paved road for it to be a distant memory, which was something I had been yearning for, I sat and took account of everything I had: Plenty of food. Both my own and food people had given to me. Full on water thanks to Rob forRead More →

State: Florida I got up and quickly realized that my phone hadn’t been charging. Turns out the external battery charger I had wasn’t as charged as I thought it was and my phone battery was dwindling at 10%. I looked for the closest library on my GPS and then shut off my phone to save the remaining battery for emergencies. It turned out that it was going to be a 10 mile hike to the closest library because I was walking through Ocala National Forest. A short ways down the road, a van pulled over and the driver offered me a ride. He told meRead More →

State: Florida Well yesterday was a fun day. I got up after tossing and turning all night and fighting off some wicked bugs and then headed to the library. When I got there I was confused to see it closed. I checked the hours and found out that on Wednesday and Thursday they aren’t open till 12pm, which I thought were odd hours. Anyways, I decided to go and see if the Big Red Bus was there yet. It’s a blood donation bus that I knew was coming by the library. I found it and this time rested for a few minutes before I gotRead More →

State: Florida Today I got up and found a rather large spider in my boot. Law of survival: always check your boots before you put them on. I packed up and headed out. As I was walking I decided I wouldn’t spend any money on food the rest of the week because I was alright on my road food (almonds, tuna fish, jerky, ect) and I had splurged a bit on eating out at subway and such. Then if I made it to the end of the week, I would treat myself to chinese food, which I’d been craving for quite a while. The reasonRead More →