State: Florida I woke up early and felt pretty good because I slept moderately well. I packed up my stuff and headed across the street to the Three Sisters Springs tourism center. I bought a ticket for the trolley ($15) and then got on it. The trolley and access to the Three Sisters Springs is run by the city. There is no public parking at the springs, although you can just walk in for $12.50. But for $2.50 more, I took the trolley because I knew it had two more stops further north. While we drove the driver informed us “They haven’t seen any manatees forRead More →

Mount Katahdin

State: Maine Date: 05/05/16 We woke up when the sunlight hit us in the car. I didn’t sleep well (during the night it got down to 34 degrees and the weather app said it felt like 25). I agree with the weather app despite being in a car with three layers on. Harley was smart and grabbed his sleeping bag and slept great. Sunrise was at 5:15am, which was a lot earlier than either of us were used to. Yet we got up and walked into the Camden state park from the parking lot we slept in. We headed up the road and found a trailRead More →

State: Florida I got up and went with Tami to work at Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens. For those of you that don’t know, after I volunteered for a few days at Cedar Lakes, Tami asked: “Hey do you want like a week worth of work? We just had somebody quit.” Being as that I am always looking for work along the way and have finite funds, I immediately agreed. The work has consisted of digging ditches for new electrical pipe, weeding thud apples (nasty plant with lots of stickers), carrying brush to the burn pit, tilling soil in the field, and today we pickedRead More →

State: Florida I woke up tired. If you could call it waking up. I didn’t sleep, so much as toss and turn all night. Why? The mosquito symphony wherever I lay my head. Not bitten due to the mosquito netting on my hammock, but the sound they make right next to your ears. “My fault for sleeping near water,” I thought. I got up and broke camp then started back down 44 and set out in search of some Manatees to swim with or perhaps an Alligator to catch. I honestly wasn’t in the best mood due to the lack of sleep. Combine that withRead More →

State: Vermont Date: 08/08/16 Fan (Non-fiction) topic: Tonya Smith – The Endurance of a human body in survival mode. Survival. It’s built into each one of us. Our bodies will do what ever it takes to keep alive when in danger or damaged. The blood coagulates, the immune system fights off infection, and in some cases, something, super human. Combined with a mental mindset bent on surviving no matter the situation, the impossible can be accomplished. We have heard the stories: a hiker lost in the woods survives for days before being rescued, a rock climber gets trapped by a boulder and has to cutRead More →

State: Florida I didn’t sleep well in the Devil’s Den Campground because I’m not used to having people around me when I camp anymore. I got up to break camp and then Tami came by and brought me breakfast. I thanked her and told her I’d probably stop up and see her. She then had to run to get to work at the Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens. I didn’t really have a plan for what to do other than to wait around until 4:30pm because Carlie (works at Devil’s Den) had offered me a ride to Gainesville. After I got my shower, I hadRead More →

State: Florida I got up after sleeping pretty well in my fence/tree bedroom. I changed my clothes after wearing the previous for three days and then did my morning routine of stretching and reading my Bible. Then I packed up and headed out. I came across Hammock State park, which was a pretty nice place that I was originally going to stay at last night and set up my hammock because I thought it would’ve been funny, but was too tired to make it any further. After refilling my water at the water fountain, I continued on my way. As I neared a driving range,Read More →

State: Florida We headed over to Paul’s friend Jody’s place. He lives in downtown Miami in a highrise on the 39th floor. He owns an IT company and lives with his girlfriend Carla, who is a chef consultant. Both were welcoming and very nice. The reason we went over there is because Jody was part of our python team (Python Posse) and because we wanted to be near Homestead on the edge of the Everglades. Our researched showed that the Homestead area had the most sightings recorded of Burmese Pythons. That night we went out to eat in downtown Miami at a Mexican restaurant. WhileRead More →

State: Maine Date: 05/05/16 Last night I decided to switch it up and sleep on the ground because my back was hurting. I figured sleeping on something solid would alleviate my sore back. Before going to bed I stared at the sky. It was cloudy like it had been all day. My weather app was a no go because as most of you all know, there is a distinctive lack of service in Northern Maine. So on a whim I decided it would be smart to set up my rainfly tarp, just in case. I was glad I did because about midnight it started toRead More →

State: Florida Today I got an early start and began working my way to Homosassa Springs. It looked like it was going to be a decent hike (about 10 miles), but with my early start, I would have been there at noon. However, as I walked I saw this red pickup truck way a head pull off the side of the road. I thought they must have had a flat or something until the began backing up. I began laughing because they were so far ahead as I realized they were backing up to pick me up. I shut off my music as we approachedRead More →