• Seth Stivala at Acadia National Park
    Hi there! My name is Seth Stivala.

Welcome to the Adventure!

Hiya! My name is Seth Stivala. I believe in making dreams come true, which is why on January 2nd, 2016, I began a journey that will take me through all 50 states.

Join me to learn about the real America:

The kindness of everyday people and their stories.

The core work ethic – “If you’re willing to work, you can get a job anywhere.”

And the innovation and charity work making the world a better place for everyone.

To learn a bit more about me and how I got started on this journey CLICK HERE!

Featured Book

Nine tales that will sink their teeth into you and not let go. Two detectives search for answers at a grisly massacre, a bullied boy struggles to survive his tragic memories, and a man shipwrecked on a sandbar crosses unspeakable lines to survive. These stories and more—will haunt you long into the night….read more!



Featured Blog Post

Top 10 Places to check out in Maine

In 2016, I backpacked 3000 miles through five states and out of all those states, Maine was my favorite. Why? Because Maine is one of the few places that I’ve been in my travels where you can actually get lost in the woods. This is a quality that I look for in a world where untouched places are so hard to find. So get ready for an adventure in the pine tree state, starting with…READ MORE!

Featured Video

In this video, I show you how to refinish a dining room table with the high voltage process known as lichtenberging!

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