Concealed Carry Permit

State: Florida

Well, I went through and passed the class today for my concealed carry permit. It was a $100 class at Kiffney’s Firearms in Key Largo. It was very thorough and well done.

During the class though, I found out something that made me cringe a little bit. You see I counted on the $100 for the class which I thought was for everything, what I didn’t count on was the processing fee of the department of agriculture ($70) and the cost of getting my fingerprints done for the background check ($37.75).

So basically that would put me at less than $100 in my account. But being something I really wanted to do and the fact that you only have 30 days from taking the course to send it in, I decided to go for it, since I’m going to get jobs along the way.

The next step was deciding how to go about getting my fingerprints done. The closest sheriff’s office was back on Islamorada (20+ miles back where I had already hiked from), I really didn’t want to backtrack so I decided to just head up to the mainland and get my fingerprints done at one of the local police stations since I have 30 days to submit the paperwork.

So I began my trek toward card sound road (the other road out of the keys that a lot of people suggested). While I was hiking I was stressing a bit about how much I would have in my account left, but still figured on getting a job along the way (just not this soon).

I decided to call my friend Paul who I worked with when I lived in Port Saint Lucie briefly. We became friends and I planned on meeting up with him in Naples. I called to let him know that I’d be there around the end of February, but a little bit into the conversation he said “So are you working along the way? Cause I can hook you up for a bit.”

Oh it gets better. After I got done talking to Paul (and I’m talking like a minute), these two South Africans pull over and offer me a ride. They’re names were Fijac and Sheldon. They work on boats up in Ft. Lauderdale (getting a slice of the American dream as they put it). And they drove me all the way up to Florida city. So I’m on the mainland now! And I didn’t have to do a 1-2 day trek through no man’s land again.

I’m really close to everything I need as well. The police station is right by the library, the post office isn’t too far, and they have laundromats…i’m so freaking happy!!! đŸ˜€

For those of you that don’t know, other than Key West, there are no laundromats in the keys because of how expensive it is for the water and disposal of said dirty water.

So let’s just say I’m a bit ripe and ready for some clean clothes.

And yet more good news, my W2 finally came in the mail so I can do my taxes finally. I know what you’re thinking, excited about taxes? Actually, I’m more excited about my tax refund. Every little bit helps me keep going.

Speaking of which:

If you would like to help me along the way and like what I’m doing, you can donate at:

Five bucks can get me through two days. So if you want to make a difference on my journey and really help me out, click the link and donate.

Also something else awesome:

Tomorrow I’ll have been on the road 1 month!!!

Forever your friend,

~The Outsider

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