Morningstar Baptist Church

State: Florida

Well I’ve been on the road a month now and it’s been an adventure everyday, and that includes today.

Last night, I slept in a little oasis of woods between two billboards and two buildings right next to U.S. 1. I didn’t sleep that well being so close to the road, but I got up this morning determined to go to church.

Last night I looked up the churches around me and decided on one called “Morningstar Baptist Church”.

Now I know the neighborhood I’m in is not the best, however, I’m not afraid at all because again when the creator of all things has your back, what’s there to be afraid of?

Still I was intrigued when I saw this fortified church. A large electronic iron gate and bars on the doors and windows.

I knew this was the church I was supposed to go to.

When I got there (again I was early), a bible study was going on. The ladies were up toward the front and I sat in the back so as not to disturb them and because I saw an outlet that I might charge me dead phone.

A few people came up to me and asked if I wanted to join the sunday school. I was a little perplexed by this because I always envisioned sunday school as for kids. I declined the first few saying what I was doing (traveling to different churches, reading the bible, writing down questions I had, and asking the pastor).

Then the pastor came up to me (Pastor Shellman) asked me if I wanted to join the mens sunday school. I understood and agreed and he lead me to the back of the beautiful church and through a few rooms including a kitchen.

Then I got seated in this small room with real men of God. They were all well read, welcoming, and discussed the bible with a passion. They told stories from their own lives that made the meaning of the Word even more clear.

We talked about Lazarus and how even though his sister said she believed, she still told Jesus not to open the tomb because it was a few days since Lazarus had died and that he would stink because of the decay.

This in turn lead to a discussion of faith, because even though she said she believed in him, there was still that doubt lingering in the back of her mind.

We then talked about the Roman who had so much faith, he told Jesus all he had to do was speak the words and his servant was healed.

I am truly glad I went to sunday school today.

Afterwards, we went into the kitchen where they invited me to have breakfast since the sermon didn’t start for another hour.

I sat down and was quickly approached by a lot of the little kids who were curious about me. I talked with them and told them what I was doing and a few of them tried to lift my backpack.

Breakfast was then served and it was delicious.

After that I headed to the main chapel for the sermon. The songs got everybody going and the sermon itself was great.

When the offering came around, you better believe I paid my tithes (especially after last time).

After the sermon, I waited to head out since I took up a lot of room with my backpack. One of the men from the men’s sunday school came and handed me a $10 and told me it was to help me on my travels. I thanked him and shook his hand. (God’s blessing #2. #1 was breakfast because it was amazing)

I then headed out and I met and talked with a few people. One lady handed me a dollar. I thanked her and then after finishing up a conversation, I headed out and the woman who handed me the dollar asked where I was headed.

I told her I was heading to the library and she offered me a ride (God’s blessing #3)

Her name was Shanika Harris and she told me as we were driving that she doesn’t give people money and she never gives people rides and she didn’t know why she gave me one, but she felt it was what she was supposed to do.

After I thanked her and got her to sign my journal (something I’ve started doing with people who help me out), I headed out and found out that the library was actually open (I just wanted to be near it for monday to do my taxes). So I went in and did my taxes and after all of them I should be getting a grand total of $12 back thanks to Maryland state taxes…

But it has been a truly great day and a great month with a story for everyday. I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing because everyday I’m smiling, seeing the goodness of people, and walking the path God has set for me.

Forever your friend,

~The Outsider

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