Personal Hygiene on the Road

State: Massachusetts

Date: 09/23/16

Many of you may wonder how I stay clean on the road and keep up my glorious appearance, which is why I am happy that this fan topic article won.

Let’s start with:


First here is an inventory of my clothes:

2 Shirts

2 Pants

3 pairs of socks

2 boxerjocks

1 hoody

1 jacket

So you may say “Seth that’s not enough clothes to get through the week!”

“Ah, but I disagree!”

You see I have narrowed down everything in my pack to the bare essentials and with clothing on the road, you are not stopping every day to wash them.

So are you ready for a shocker?!

I sometimes where the same pair of clothes…for days!!! But here is the thing. Most people can’t tell because of two reasons. The first being I am not rolling around on the ground all day, despite how many of you think of me as another animal in the woods. The second being I have specialized clothes that wick away sweat (meaning they last longer).

Typically, I do my laundry once a week. Whether it’s in a laundromat or a river for a quick rinse.


Washing Meself

On this journey, one of my rules is that I don’t stay in hotels because you don’t get to meet new people that way. Therefore, the opportunity for showers is few and far between. However, like everything on the road, you either learn to adapt or you continually live in a world of suck!

The one thing about living on the road is that your mentality changes about what you truly want. For me at any given time, it’s either a hot shower or a pizza…or a shower in pizzas.

A lot of times I pray for one, and usually, that day someone will offer. Got one today that way. But people do offer and I take them up on it every chance I get. But the people who usually offer are ones that have traveled themselves or get to know me a bit and realize what kind of person I am.

Another technique is to go to those big truck stops. They have showers at these massive gas stations for truckers on the long haul. It ranges from $5-10, but for me a hot shower is priceless, especially after a few 80 degree days soaked in sweat.

Yet another technique is to simply jump in a river. You aren’t exactly picky when you haven’t showered for a few days to a week.



Of course I have a toothbrush and toothpaste in my backpack! How else would you guys see my delightful smile if I didn’t? Besides I don’t wanna change my road name from smiley to gummie 😉

Forever your friend,

~The Outsider

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