Plenty of Pitbulls

State: Florida

Date: 03/23/16

Before I begin this story, we’ll have to go back a few days. When I was at the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Festival, I came across a booth with an adorable Pit Bull named Olivia and then I learned about Plenty of Pit Bulls.

Plenty of Pit Bulls is a all-volunteer nonprofit that rescues Pit Bulls and other dogs from euthanasia lists at local shelters in North Central Florida. Most of the dogs have suffered from cruelty (Illegal Dog fighting rings), or neglect and have medical issues or injuries.

Plenty of Pit Bulls collaborates with local and national organizations to rehabilitate and get the dogs the treatment they need.

All of the dogs are housed at volunteer foster homes. POPB’s provides all the necessary food, vet care, and supplies as well as a weekly training class.

After I learned about POPB’s from Nicole and Caroline (Olivia’s foster and now owner), I asked how I could help.

One really cool part of the program is the volunteering side, since the whole thing is volunteer based. Here is a brief synopsis of all the volunteering opportunities at POPB’s if you want to help out:

Help with events
Temporary foster homes

Caroline explained to me that one of the outreach programs was to take a dog out for a day to not only help find the dog a forever home, but also to raise awareness about rescue dogs and help end breed discrimination.

I jumped at the chance to take a dog out for a day and we organized it for today.

Tami dropped me off at the University of Florida where I got to meet Katherine (A vet student and a POPB’s foster home volunteer) and Mila (an adorable Pit Bull that ran up to me and quickly covered me with kisses).

Seth Stivala and Plenty of Pitbulls
Me and Mila

Katherine explained that a lot of the volunteers are actually vet students as well. So the dogs are getting the best kind of care.

I ended up walking Mila all over the University of Florida with her little red outfit that said “Adopt Me!”

I handed out tons of fliers and met a lot of people telling them about POPB’s program.

It wasn’t hard to get attention because of Mila’s outfit and the fact that when we walked, Mila wanted to meet everybody and everybody wanted to meet Mila.

I loved walking Mila. We chased sticks and when we ran, she bounded like the happiest dog in the world.

The funniest moment of the day happened near the end. I actually wore Mila out. We began to take breaks as Mila would flop over and roll around in the grass. I just sat down in the grass and rubbed her tummy. Then she would see something interesting (usually a person) and we would be good to go again.

After our three hour walk, I met with Katherine and her boyfriend (who ended up carrying Mila to the car because she was so tuckered out).

This is truly a wonderful organization that saves the lives of some of the most lovable dogs in the world. I know first hand how they are all heart and smiles because my best friend in the world was my dog Buddy (a Pit Bull Chow Mix).

Seth Stivala's dog Buddy
My Buddy

Buddy was a rescue from our neighbors and suffered from serious neglect. Being left in the cold during winter, never food, or water in his dish.

I would get up every morning and go see him. I’d put food in his dish and water in his bowl and play with him before I had to go to school. Me and my dad even built a dog house for him and gave it to our neighbors so he could have somewhere to hide from the cold.

One day I got home from school and Buddy was my neighbors car.

“Where you taking Buddy?”

“To the pound. We really can’t take care of him anymore.”

“Hang on. I’ll save you a trip.”

I had Buddy for 13 years before he passed away and I still carry his bandanna with me to this day. If you want to know what true unconditional love is, adopt a rescue dog.

If you would like to ADOPT, VOLUNTEER, or DONATE to PLENTY OF PIT BULLS check out there website:

and LIKE their Facebook Page:

Forever your friend,

~The Outsider

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