Poncho Blues

State: Florida

About noon I decided to take a nice long break, and that usually involves a nice long nap. So I took a nap and then woke up to some wind and storm clouds approaching.

I quickly got up and got my rain poncho out and put it over my backpack and myself. However, when I went to sit down and put my backpack on, the rain hit.

For the life of me, I couldn’t find the buckles to my backpack. When I finally managed to buckle them and stand up, every single one of the snap buttons popped off on my poncho.

So the poncho was flailing in the wind behind me and not covering my backpack at all.

Only my front was protected from the rain. As it downpoured I tried to adjust the poncho to cover more of myself, and in the process dropped my sunglasses. One of the lenses broke, but I wasn’t about to bend down to pick them up because of how much my backpack weighed.

After walking a good while, the downpour turned into a light sprinkle. I took this time to readjust my gear. I sat my pack down and checked that everything was still waterproofed inside my backpack. First I threw my journal and bible in ziplock bags since I got lucky that the poncho covered my front two pockets.

I then re-snapped the poncho while watching the weather. It looked like it could restart any second.

However, this time I put the poncho on myself and slid it over the backpack. I stayed inside the poncho so I could see the buckles. Right after I buckled myself, I noticed something from inside of my poncho, light.

I popped my head out of the poncho and noticed it was now sunny…

On the plus side the clothes I’ve been wearing needed washed.

Looking on the bright side 😀

~The Outsider

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