The Miserable Misty Morning and the Greek Huntsman

State: Maine

Date: 05/05/16

Last night I decided to switch it up and sleep on the ground because my back was hurting. I figured sleeping on something solid would alleviate my sore back. Before going to bed I stared at the sky. It was cloudy like it had been all day. My weather app was a no go because as most of you all know, there is a distinctive lack of service in Northern Maine.

So on a whim I decided it would be smart to set up my rainfly tarp, just in case.

I was glad I did because about midnight it started to rain and didn’t stop till morning.

I slept pretty well and it was the right call for my back. Though I did take some aspirin. Maine has a lot more hills than Florida. So glad I lightened my load (it’s around 60 something pounds now).

Anyways, I got up and did my morning routine. I packed up my campsite, read in my bible, prayed, and then ate a huge breakfast.

For those that don’t, when me and Harley went grocery shopping to save money on the rest of our road trip…I went a little overboard. What can I say? I love to eat. So the past few days I’ve been eating all day to lighten my load. I know. What a problem to have. 😉

After eating, I finally got going back on US 2 and eventually, to US 2A.

It was a misty cold morning and I believe the weather app last time I checked said it was going to be a high of 49 degrees. So basically a cold wet day…miserable to most.

Yet I was in good spirits. The thing about the US 2 up here in central Maine is you can go for 30 minutes or more without a car going by. So it’s just you, the road, and the wildlife.

I love the stillness of everything. You can hear all kinds of birds calling to each other and the streams rushing through the woods.

You can also blast some old school rock and roll and dance down the deserted highway….which I may or may not have done.

Around lunch I came to the town of Reef I believe it was called. A few houses. a timber company, and a place where they store salt for the winter.

I went into the open salt storage building to get out of the misty cold wetness that had been going steady all day and sat down to have lunch.

I laughed when I saw some Moose poo. Apparently, I wasn’t the first to have this idea.

After lunch I headed out back on the road, but not before I wrapped my shemagh scarf ninja style around my head to keep warm.

Walking down the road I realized something from the funny looks of the drivers were giving me as I passed by…I literally looked like a backpacking terrorist. After laughing a good bit and resigning myself to the 30+ miles I had to walk because there was no way anyone would pick me up (again I don’t hitchhike), a car pulled over up ahead as it passed me, turned around, and pulled up next to me on the other side of the road.

“Where are you headed?”

“I’m working my way up to Houlton,” I said because it’s the next big town.

“Hop in. Throw your stuff in the back.”

I put my backpack in the back next to a good-looking dog. I then went around to the front to sit down as the driver moved a puppy from the front seat to the back.

“Thank you I really appreciate this. My name is Seth by the way,” I said shaking his hand.

“Marko. No problem, it’s to cold out today to be out walking. So where all are you going?” Marko asked.

I then told him the usual about my trip and what I’ll I’m doing.

“Wow, it takes a lot of guts to do what you’re doing,” Marko said.

“So what do you do for a living?” I asked

“I breed hunting dogs. See those two in the back. That one is a special breed that’s rare here in the US. Goes for $3000 dollars a pup.”

“Wow!” I said.

“Yup, I love it. I love nature and animals. Actually, I like animals more than people.”

“Me too,” I said and then told Marko how I went to school for Wildlife Biology and how Steve Irwin was my hero. However, I was very curious about his accent and so I asked:

“So where are you from?”

“Massachusetts,” he said and the confused look that was on my face must have made him realize what I was asking.

“From Greece originally. I’m Greek.”

“Oh, cool! Was confused there for a minute and was thinking man those Massachusetts accents are getting really thick,” I said and we laughed.

Me and Marko talked the whole way up to Houlton. I learned that he loves to paint wildlife and the Greek Islands. He told me about his farm and how he’s getting ready to build a fence for the 100 pheasant he purchased to help train his hunting dogs.

When we arrived in Houlton, he asked where I needed to go. I said I just needed somewhere with wifi because I needed to update my fans and upload some new content.

“The coffee shop has wifi,” Marko said.

“That’ll work,” I said.

Marko didn’t just drop me off. He bought me coffee, two sandwiches, and gave me 5 Slim Jims as well as some Greek chocolate that he had in his car.

Thank you Marko for being the first one to give me a ride in Maine and a great story to go with it. God bless you.

Now I sit with WiFi for the first time in days writing to you all, my fans. Whose love and support make this trip all the sweeter.

Happiness is Chasing the Sunrise!

Forever your friend,

The Outsider

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