The Legend of the Laundromat

State: Florida

To prove what I’ve been saying about how I literally having a story for every day, here’s today’s.

I got up and actually had a decent night’s sleep. This could be due to being in my secret spot of woods that may or may not be a wildlife preserve. Hey, at this point I consider myself wildlife.

Anyways, I went to the library to charge up my phone and computer. I had the intention of writing some articles and potentially working on my book, but I totally vegged out and played some video games on one of my favorite sites I discovered in college:

Boring day? Just wait a second I’m getting to the good part. And hey sometimes you need to just kickback and relax, which isn’t the easiest thing to do when you are carrying 70lb backpack all day, everyday.

After my phone was sufficiently charged, I decided to head for the closest laundromat. However, I found one that had WiFi and free coffee that was just a little further (and when you’ve got nothing but time, a longer walk isn’t a problem).

As I walked I noticed that the neighborhood I was in was well…
lets just say the kind with bars on windows and a lot of beware of dog signs. I wasn’t afraid though (when the creator of all things has your back what is there to be afraid of?). I was just aware.

When I got there, a really nice german woman came out from behind the counter and began helping me get situated and what buttons to push on the machines.

I quickly found out she was the owner and her name was Marina Krause. I told her about my trip and we quickly got into a conversation about how she worked on a cruise ship for around 10 years and loved to travel and that her husband is very outdoorsy like me. She said that when they are ready to retire, her husband wants to sell everything and just travel. She said she wants to do it, but a little more luxury not roughing it like I am and her husband does.

I then asked her about the coffee I read about online on the her website:

She got me a cup and then offered me a banana, which I gladly accepted.

“We help out the traveler, eh?” she said to one of her employees and laughed.

Later when my washing was done, I headed over to the dryers with my clothes which I was so glad to have finally cleaned and Marina came by and said “Free for the traveler,” and put in the money for the dryer.

I thanked her and told her she was going to be in my book and a post I would do later.

Thanks again Marina! đŸ™‚

As I was about to leave, a guy getting his laundry asked me about my trip. I told him my plan and gave him my business card.

He got excited about what I was doing and began telling me his story. Jorge talked about how recently he was supposed to get married, but the girl left him, which lead him to try something that he’s wanted to do for years. He told me how he never went to college because he had his sights set on this one particular school. He said how he applied again and again, but never got in, never got in. Then this time, after his heart was broken and a change was needed in his life…he got in!

He went on to tell me that he had been working a job in corporate America that was 6 figures, but he left it to pursue this dream he’s had for years.

“Everyone was telling me I was crazy and I’m like for what? Going to do something I love?”

I learned that Jorge DJ’s and what he loves and is going to school for is related to film/voiceover work.

We said our goodbyes and I headed out and back to the library.

Something I already knew, but got out of today even more was:

“Everyone has a story. You just have to give them a chance to tell it.”

Forever your friend,

~The Outsider

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