The Quest for Pizza

State: Florida

I got up after sleeping pretty well in my fence/tree bedroom. I changed my clothes after wearing the previous for three days and then did my morning routine of stretching and reading my Bible.

Then I packed up and headed out. I came across Hammock State park, which was a pretty nice place that I was originally going to stay at last night and set up my hammock because I thought it would’ve been funny, but was too tired to make it any further.

After refilling my water at the water fountain, I continued on my way.

As I neared a driving range, something caught my eye. A familiar truck.

“No way,” I said and then remembered he said he was going to the driving range with his friend tomorrow when he picked me up yesterday.

I walked up and sure enough it was Isaiah.

“What’s up buddy?!” I said.

“Hey man! What’s going on?”

“Dude, I saw your truck and remembered you said you were going to the driving range with your friend and was like no way.”

“That’s awesome man. What are the odds?” he said laughing.

Isaiah introduced me to his coworker who had to go to a job and left. Then Isaiah invited me to hit a few with him.

“Hey man, do you want a beer?”

“Sure man, thanks.”

A few minutes later Isaiah came out with some golf balls and two cans of Yuengling.

“Here we go, some PA brew,” he said.

I laughed and said “Thanks man, cheers.”

“Well hey, lets sit down here. Tell me about your day.”

I then told Isaiah how I got interviewed at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and then how I stopped for some ice cream before I found a fence and some bushes again.

“That’s awesome man. Yeah, they’ve got good ice cream there.”

“Yeah, I saw it on the corner and I was like…yup! Got a huge waffle cone with mint chocolate chip….my beard was covered,” I said and we laughed.

We hit a few down range. I varied from decent drives to making people duck.

After we hit our last ball, Isaiah offered to take me to this cool Island he knew. Naturally, I took him up on his offer.

It was called Honeymoon Island State Park.

“It’s got tons of wildlife. I heard it even has rattlesnakes. Get a picture if you see one because I want to see one.”

“Definitely man. Yeah, its uncanny. I keep seeing awesome wildlife.”

Then as we arrived at the park, we saw a Gopher Tortoise on the side of the road.

“Told you,” I said laughing as we got out to go get a closer look and some pictures and video which you can see here:

Isaiah dropped me off at the beach and I said goodbye to my friend a second time.

I explored the island and its gorgeous beaches and then checked out the nature center. It was really funny when the lady running the nature center thought it was Bruce Springsteen on my shirt (It’s me). I thanked her for the complement.

I then worked my way back to the mainland. As I was crossing the bridge I lost my hat to a strong gust of wind. So I went from a Mennonite look to a biker in a few seconds.




I then began my quest for pizza. I’d been craving pizza for a few days and when I saw a suggestion for a pizza place I should try…I knew it was meant to be.

It was called the Fireside Cafe and the reason I hiked miles to this place was because they cook their pizza in a brick oven. Old school deliciousness.

I ordered some Garlic Knots, a chicken pizza, a lemonade, and a pineapple cider they had.

While I ate a lady came up to me and handed me $5 and asked me where I slept at night. I told her I mainly camped, but also used Couchsurfing and stayed with friends on occasion. Her name was Doreen and she works in Real estate. We didn’t get to talk much before she left, but thank you again Doreen.

I stuffed my face, but was sad when there were two slices left. I wanted to eat them, but I couldn’t because I was so wonderfully full. My waitress Alicia hooked me up with some foil so I could wrap them and take them with me and even got me a cup to take me lemonade with me on the road.

I was stopped by a family asking about my trip as I started to leave. I told them about it and what all I was doing.

“You should be on Naked and Afraid,” the one lady said.

“You know your not the first person to tell me that.” I said and laughed.

I continued on my way and walked way too far on a full stomach to find a place to sleep. I just couldn’t find any decent woods or even fences with bushes. Eventually, I did find a place to sleep, but by the time I did I was exhausted and not feeling right due to overeating.

I collapsed after setting out my mat and sleeping bag and was swarmed by mosquitos. I pulled the bivy cover over my head and began to sweat because it was a hot night. So it was either sweat or get eaten alive.

“Ugggh…this sucks!…Well it can’t get any worse,” I thought and then proceeded to dutch oven myself…

Forever your friend,

~The Outsider

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