Three Sisters Springs

State: Florida

I woke up early and felt pretty good because I slept moderately well. I packed up my stuff and headed across the street to the Three Sisters Springs tourism center. I bought a ticket for the trolley ($15) and then got on it.

The trolley and access to the Three Sisters Springs is run by the city. There is no public parking at the springs, although you can just walk in for $12.50. But for $2.50 more, I took the trolley because I knew it had two more stops further north.

While we drove the driver informed us “They haven’t seen any manatees for a while, but maybe you’ll get lucky.”

We weren’t. However, the springs were beautiful and I got to learn a lot from the naturalist named Barbara.

“Typically, November is the earliest you’ll see them here and February is the latest,” Barbara said referring to the Manatees.

She also helped me identify a bird I’d been hearing for a while that has a call like a build up to a big sneeze in my opinion.

It was a Northern Parula if you want to look up its call.

I love shaking off the rust on my animal ID skills, especially with someone passionate about Wildlife.

After engaging with a lot of folks about my trip and joking about snorkelers in their natural habitat, I got back on the trolley. Satisfied with the knowledge that when I get back to Florida, I’ll know exactly where to go if I want to see some wild manatees.

Once I got off the Trolley, I got some subway and then headed to the library once more.

I figured I’d top off my water and power for the journey ahead, but my real motivation was Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, which as most of you know I’ve been reading at the last few libraries I’ve went too.

As I read, at first I said to myself:

“Ok, 2:30 then we’ll get back on the road.”

Then I proceeded to lose myself in the story.

When I checked my watch it was 3:15. I realized that this was what I wanted to do today. I had no important errands, no meetings, and nothing to worry about. All I had to do was breathe.

Remembering this, I read the rest of the day and finished the book.

When I finished, I topped of my water supply and made camp in a roadside jungle. Now I lounge in my hammock, comfortable and happy I took the time to breathe.

Forever your friend,

~The Outsider

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