2015: This is the Year!

Date: 01/07/2015

Today we join our hero working towards his dream as usual. By further planning his journey, researching new places, and letting you fine folks know what he’s been up too. Lets listen in on what he has to say, shall we?

Since the start of the New Year, I have had off a week and a day. Now, it is nice to have time off from work, especially when you typically work 60-70 hours a week at a job that would drive normal men mad. Luckily, I am not normal and am already quite mad 😉 However, the reason I’m distressed is because the timeline I created for my trip depends on a solid set of work. A full 12 weeks of work to be exact. 

May 1st is the date I have set for myself. For three reasons, it is the perfect month for where I am starting my journey (Maine). It sets up my entire journey by allowing me to be north during summer and south during winter. Finally, it corresponds to a song I love about another mans journey: “The Rocky Road to Dublin”.

Any time I have off, eats into the timeline which allows me to pay off my last student loan, get the rest of my equipment, and save up some money for the trip. Here is how detailed, the timeline is. I have included selling my truck into the timeline. Hey, when you’re going to be backpacking across America, you don’t exactly need a vehicle.

So I’m a little concerned, but not to worried yet because I know no matter what I will have my last student loan paid off and be going on this trip this year! Success depends upon effort and I will succeed!

So what have I been doing with my time off? Well, naturally the first few days have been recuperating from the long hard hours I work during the week. The rest have been researching new states, getting new equipment, and starting this blog.

I recently finished researching Massachusetts and I think it’s one of the ones I’m most excited about so far. There is so much history and so many cool things to see and do. But I won’t go on about it until I’m there. Once I finish this post, I’ll be starting research on a new state: Rhode Island. One funny thing, I’ve realized is that all of the research I’ve been doing is basically making a travel guide. So once I get through a state, I’ll combine the adventure with the travel guide and publish it. Finding ways to fund the trip is easier than I thought, but then again I don’t need much.

By that I mean that with my wildlife biology degree and the fact that I’ve gotten a lot of wilderness survival guides. I can live in the woods if I need too. I’m pretty rusty and haven’t had the much time to brush up on my wilderness survival because of work. In fact, once I start the show, a lot of the stuff you’ll be seeing me do the first time. So I guess we’ll all be learning together and you’ll probably get to see me do some funny stuff while in the learning process. But I truly enjoy the outdoors and I’m going to share one of my favorite moments from the past year to show you.

One thing you need to understand about my job, is that its always out of town 2-3 hours and the job sites are usually in the middle of nowhere. Well, this one took the cake. It was about as country as it could get. You might see a few barns and a house after a couple of miles. Other than that, it was open country, and woods. It was also about 40 minutes to the nearest hotel. Now, I had been itching to try out some stuff I had just learned in a survival book I just picked up. So me and my buddy decided to camp out. Now, I wasn’t about to sleep in a tent (because I didn’t have one, my buddy did) with all the stuff I had been reading about. So we built a freaking awesome lean-to. The first one I’ve even attempted. While he set up his tent, I set my air mat under the lean-to in the open air and laid down to the most restful nights sleep I’ve had in a long time. But the story doesn’t end there. Aside from the deep sleep and natural comfort I found in my lean-to, I found that we had made it waterproof. It rained the entire week we were there and I never got a drop on me. If I can have more moments like that on my trip, then not only am I going to be alright, I’m going to live!

As for equipment, I did get some really cool stuff recently. I finally got my survival knife. What did I choose? A Kabar of course! Also got one of the highest rated air mats out there. A Thermarest Neoair Xtherm sleeping pad. It actually helps retain heat. But I know what your thinking. You’re going to use an air mat and you claim to be outdoorsy? What a pansy. Well, here is the thing, if you have the means than you use them. Sleep allows for a sound mind and a rested body, without those survival becomes that much more difficult. Also I have no problem sleeping on the ground, in fact for months I have done nothing, but sleep on the ground to condition myself. 

So the equipment gathering is coming along, I’ve had my backpack for a while now. It was the first thing I got. A Kelty Red Cloud 110. Its big, but I’ll need the extra room for my recording equipment and computer since I intend to make this journey a documentary. I still have to get the camera and the computer. I want to get one of those Panasonic toughbooks. You know the kind that you can drop a coffee on, drop off a building, or shoot and they’re fine. Figured, it would be best in case I fall down a mountain or into a river. As long as the timetable I set holds, I should be able to get one. We’ll see.

So there is a little insight into what I’ve been up too. I’ll update this blog as new things happen and I get closer to living the dream. Stay tuned my friends for the adventure draws ever closer 😉

~The Outsider~

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