Getting there

Date: 02/24/2015

As we join our hero today, we find him greeting the sunrise with a smile and a hidden determination. Lets see what he has to say about the coming of the dawn.

Hello my friends!

It’s the start of a beautiful (albeit cold) day and I am ready to roll! Why you ask? Well, let me update you to my goings on.

First being that I am going horseback riding today! There is a story behind this as well. My pastor’s daughter Chrys just started going to my old stomping ground (Frostburg State University) and is majoring in Wildlife Biology (What I majored in). Anyways, she got a hold of me and was asking me questions pertaining to the major, what classes to take, what student organizations to join, ect. I was happy to hook her up with all I knew. 

After we talked for a bit, it came up in conversation that she was the 2011 National Horse Riding Champion and ranked in the top 10 in the world. I mentioned that I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride. Long story short, she is now teaching me to ride at the stable she works at!

So as I learn I will teach you as well and maybe give you a few laughs because I intend for this to be episode 2 of  my YouTube channel “The Outsider’s Guide to Life.”

Episode 1 is still in the works, I’ll work on it after I get done this.

Also I now have a main website, it too is still in the works, I will work on it today. But it’s looking good 😉

Lately, I’ve been getting a few more things for my trip. I’ve been focusing on building my first aid kit. Most survival guides will tell you to build your own to fit the situation you will be putting yourself in. Since I’m going to be backpacking all 50 states, this requires some thought. But it’s coming along and I also got some water treatment supplies, wire for snares, and a shemagh scarf.

I’ve been working through one of my survival guides as well. Last night, I was learning knots. I honestly suck at knots and have for the longest time (Can’t remember how to tie a tie…), but last night after practicing a bit, I can now tie a reef knot, bowline, and a figure eight knot! I never thought I’d get excited about tying knots. It must be that fact that you can see your progress instantly. When you get it right the first time after trying several times “It looks like the picture! I did it! YEAHHH!!!!”

So that has been fun. Also after the knot tying, I was learning how to braid rope and that lead to my first attempt at braiding my hair…it did not end well, but gave me a funny idea for a skit that will undoubtedly show up on my YouTube channel. 

I’m still working through “The Elements of Style” by E.B. White and Strunk Jr. Soon as I finish it and the notes from it, I begin the final edit of my book before I start submitting for publication!

Now, for a somber note. I got to work one day last week…and this week we were supposed to work for most of the week, yeah that didn’t happen. The month of February I can count the days I’ve worked on both hands. So the lack work is killing my timeline, I am not sure what I’ll do if it keeps up like this. I would get another job, but around here there is nothing that comes close (6th poorest income per capita in the US, my hometown). Just have to hope, pray, and plan.

As for my companions, two of them are officially not joining me on the trip. One let me know and the other I haven’t heard from despite texts, emails, and FB messages, so he is out. I still have one person joining me, however, with work being the way it is and depending on how far I have to push my timeline back, I may be doing it on my own because he is quitting his job in April and wants to start backpacking as soon as possible. We’ll see what the future holds.

On a lighter note, I recently found out that the computer I need to get for my trip for film editing (A Panasonic Toughbook), I can get cheaper if I get it refurbished. 

I’ll be updating y’all soon, probably with videos and good times. Until next time my friends 😉

Forever your friend,

~The Outsider

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