I Dream of Freedom

Date: 05/11/15

Today as we join our hero, we find him feeling a bit odd. The reason? This morning for breakfast he enjoyed a bowl of cereal and to drink…a can of Monster Rehab. Let’s listen in and see if he learned from his mistake.

Hello my friends!!!

It has been awhile and as usual a lot has happened. But first let me address this morning’s breakfast incident. Yes, I learned my lesson. Milk and Monster do not mix well. Just wanted an extra jump-start to the day. Despite a brief upset stomach, I am having a great start to the day.

You see, last night I slept in the woods in my lean-to. I’m finally getting to test my gear properly, now that I have most of it. I am still ordering and have a bit of gear to go before I get to the last two main pieces of equipment I need (My computer and main camera). 

Anyways, I slept pretty good last night. This morning I ordered a pair of pants and a multi-tool, that “The Expert Vagabond” suggested on his site. He is a famous travel blogger that I subscribe too. He has some really cool suggestions and insights as he has been traveling the world for over 4 years now. Definitely, helps me to narrow my search of necessary gear.

Speaking of gear, lately I’ve been focused on testing the gear I have. If you liked my Facebook page 


then you know that I’ve been working on a few videos lately. The first one is a test run with all the gear I have so far. It is nearly finished. I am basically just waiting to get some copyright permissions for music in the video. Getting permissions for music is difficult. You have to track down who to get permission from, then apply for permission, and then you are not guaranteed to be granted permission especially with popular songs. Yet, I am determined to apply and get good songs for my show. Music has the power to inspire and give situations voice, therefore, I will either keep trying to get permissions for the songs I want for the show or I’ll start singing them…

Pray I don’t have to start doing the latter lol.

The other videos will require a lot more filming and editing. I intend to start filming one of them today. This one will involve me getting in shape and motivating you, my fans 😉

While the gear collecting, testing, and filming are going good, work as usual is driving me crazy. I was off nearly two weeks. Now I took advantage of the time I’ve had off. I worked on my website, researched equipment, tested equipment, and started filming new videos, but I can’t head out until I am debt free, have all of my equipment, and have some savings to get started. 

Supposedly, this week it is going to start picking up. I’m hopeful as I have already had to push my timeline to June and I don’t want to go much farther than that for a start date because it means I’ll have to cut my time down in New England so I can avoid the brutal winter months when I get farther down the east coast (PA, NJ, MD, DE).  The whole trip is based on being north during summer and south during winter. So it complicates the trip a little when I don’t have work, but I’ll get there. I’ve already did a preemptive estimate. I’ll only lose a week from each of the 5 New England states if I get to head out mid-June, which actually isn’t bad. Three weeks in each of those states is still pretty good considering that some of them are pretty small. 

So despite work setbacks i’m optimistic because I know I am coming along. When I pray at night, I ask God that I be prepared for my trip and have everything I need to get started. It could be that is why work has been slow. It has given me a chance to get a lot accomplished and I wouldn’t be able to if I was working nonstop. Therefore, I’m still getting ready everyday.

Especially with the way I’ve been dreaming lately. I’ve been having more and more dreams, that I am on my trip and seeing amazing things, meeting interesting people, and above all living. Each day that passes I get more excited for this new chapter of my life that draws ever closer.

This is the Outsider Signing off, reminding you to live the dream.

Forever your friend,

~The Outsider

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