The Outsider’s Conversation with God

Date: 03/18/2015

Today we join our hero in prayer, let’s listen in.

Dear Jesus,

I really need some help. Works dried up and I really need to work. I can’t stand to be in debt, it’s why I’ve been working so hard to pay it off. You’ve seen this because I know in my heart you helped me keep going even when I wanted to quit. Along with that, I’ve been trying to sell my truck to further reduce my debt, but I haven’t gotten a single call yet. Lord, please help me sell my truck…

Please help me Lord,

In Jesus name Amen.

God: Hold on little buddy, help is on the way.

Literally the next day:

Calvin: Hi, I’m calling about your truck, mind if I come and take a look at it.

Seth: Yeah sure, I’m free all day.

After giving directions, vehicle inspection, and a test drive.

Calvin: So what were you asking for it?

Seth: $3200 or best offer. So there is room to haggle. (I said and smiled)

Calvin: Would you take $3000?

Seth: Yeah, I can do that. (On the inside going crazy with happiness).

After driving the truck out to Calvin’s place, signing the necessary documents, exchanging money for keys, The Outsider successfully sold his truck.

Seth (Talking to God): Lord thank you….thank you…thank you….thank you. (This continued throughout the day)

Later on in the day

Dad: Hey Seth, so you want to work?

Seth: Yeah, definitely!

Dad: Good because it’s a lot of concrete work.

An expression other than happy crosses The Outsider’s face. He then looked toward the heavens.

Seth: …Thanks…*Sigh*…(and then he began to laugh)

The moral of the story is that God answers prayers, just make sure you’re specific. Example: I will now pray for work other than concrete.

God Bless,

Forever Your Friend,

The Outsider

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