Timeline, New Friends, and a little bit of Hope

Date: 01/27/2015

As we join our hero, we find him stiff and sore, tired, still busy, and yet oddly satisfied. Lets listen in about how the past few days lead him to feel this way.

Hello again my friends,
It’s amazing how much can happen in just a few days. But I will catch you up as best I can.
First off, if you read my last post you know that I’ve been given a week and a half off. I intended to take full advantage of it and plan, research, recruit, and get the word out about my trip. So here is what I’ve accomplished:
1. I officially started my social media campaign and created a Facebook page:
It is already up to 80+ likes. If you have a second, go there check it out, LIKE it, and SHARE it. It’s basically a jumping off point to let people know about me and what I’m doing. 
2. I officially have a few people joining me on the trip. I will announce them later because I want to be certain that they are in for sure and won’t pull out as the date draws near. However, I will tell you this:
One of them is a Jack of all trades, one is from another country, and one is from my hometown (and no it’s not me ;). I’m hoping to get one more person to join (I’m actually hoping for a lady to even us all out and perhaps keep us in line). 
3. I just commissioned some business cards with a design that I’ve had in my head for years. I’m looking forward to seeing it brought to life. I was informed about the designer from one of the people joining me for the trip.
4. I began working on the third edit and final edit of my book. I’m reading through two books and taking notes which I will apply to the last edit of my book. They are:
Stephen King’s book “On writing”
E.B.White and Strunk Jr.’s book “The Elements of Style”
While I accomplished these things, some of you may note on my Facebook page all the stuff I set out to do this week. Yeah, I didn’t get all of the stuff done I set out to yet. But that’s life, you do what you can and you keep at it even if it takes you a little longer. I’ve come to realize this about myself. In life I play the long game.
Soon enough I’ll have the third edit of my book finished, my YouTube channel up, my idea to film companies, and conduct some more state research. But this week I have accomplished a lot and I still have tomorrow before I get to go back to work finally (So happy to get an extra day of work).
Anyways, business aside, let me enthrall you with some tails of the past few days. 
As you know, I sleep on a foam mat on the floor. I have been doing this for months to condition myself for the amount of camping I’ll be doing on the trip. Anyways, I must have been doing some bad yoga in my sleep because I woke up with an incredibly sore neck. So sore that I couldn’t look up or to the right without it hurting. 
Fast forward in the day, I went to go get some pizza. Now one thing you need to keep in mind about this next part is my mom usually parks in the garage, but it is currently full of cabinets that her and my dad got at an auction to complete the kitchen. Also we have my truck, my brothers truck, my dads van, my dads work truck, and my moms car. So we all have our assigned spots. The day this happened, no one was where they usually parked. I began backing out and if you’ll remember the sleep induced bad yoga neck injury, I couldn’t look right that far. Which really didn’t matter now that I come to think of it because my moms car was in my blind spot when I backed into it…
The good news – my truck was fine.
The bad news – my moms driver side doors were not and would not open. 
The worst news – I had to go tell my mom I backed into her parked car in our own driveway…
Luckily, I have awesome insurance and I got it all taken care of and it made for a good story that I hope you got a kick out of. 
Finally, there is one thing that happened this week that really touched me. I got an email which I almost deleted because I thought the subject was strange (Love from a stranger). But then I noticed that it was from a Gmail account. I opened it curious. In it, was a letter from a girl going to college who just got back from a month-long trip in Europe. Telling me how traveling has changed her life, how exciting living life everyday where there was an unexpected journey ahead. She then went on to tell me how once she got back she felt the weight of real life hit. How she was back to what she was supposed to be doing and what she was expected to do. She mentioned how she came across my blog and told me that I inspired her to make her own path. To just live life everyday whether it’s here in the USA or Europe. 
I can’t thank you enough for your kind words Molly and I’m glad that I could help even if it was just to help you see that we all can carve our own path and live life each day like there is an unexpected journey awaiting us because there is. Life is filled with infinite possibilities. How we choose to live determines who we are. If you want to live the life you dream of, then do it. Do whatever it takes to live that dream even if you have to carry a weight for a while. Because the day will come when you can cast that weight aside and realize how much stronger you are because of it. Never let go of your dreams, because if you follow them, they can take you anywhere.
Thank you again Molly and everyone else who believes in me and what I’m doing.
Forever your friend,
~The Outsider
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