All terrain in Alabama

In a secluded campground in Alabama where I spent part of the winter, I got a knock on my van and got up to answer.

“Hey man, are you really traveling all over the world?”

“Yes sir, I am,” I said smiling.

“Want to come and see some of the south with a real southerner?”

“Hell yeah!” I said and grabbed my boots.

I met Bradley briefly earlier in the day, where he and his friend Josh where riding their all terrain vehicles down the numerous trails of the surrounding area.

I hopped into Bradley’s brand new side-by-side and we started down a trail.

“Yeah, just got this 3 days ago. Let’s see what she can do! Yee yee!” he yelled excitedly as we ran through a giant puddle that covered the entire trail at high speed.

Bradley had been in the army and served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now he works for UPS and is enjoying the country life in Mississippi.

“That’s one thing I love down here. Lots of woods and no big cities,” he said.

“Couldn’t agree more,” I said as we took on a steep incline that the side-by-side ran up with ease.

We talked about everything: guns, politics, and cool places to check out, all while traversing some awesome trails with deep ruts, puddles, or rocky inclines.

“Yeah, I love it out here. We do this every weekend. Nothing like riding down the trails with some good friends.”

“And some new ones too,” I said as we arrived back at the van.

It was an awesome surprise of southern hospitality. Thanks for the adventure. You’re the man Bradley!

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