State: Florida So I know the book I’m writing about the beginning of my adventure in Florida is going to be a best seller. How you ask? I literally have a story for every day. For those of you that don’t know, I don’t hitchhike. However, if someone offers me a ride in the direction I’m going, I’ll take it. Today I was hiking with the goal of making it to Long Key from Marathon (around 10 miles and it was midday), so a tough trek but doable. As I walked a car passed me, stopped, and then backed up to me. The man insideRead More →

State: Florida Date: January 17th, 2016 Hey Y’all, I’m sitting here at a fan’s house (Patricia Stanley Share), who was kind enough to give me a place to stay for two days to weather the wicked storm that is passing through currently (Thunderstorm with 25 mph winds). Anyways, I have WIFI and POWER!!! So I think it’s time I updated you all on my journey so far and the adventures I’ve been having. The problem is that I’ve been literally having an adventure every day. So I decided to treat you all to an excerpt from my book. Keep in mind that this is onlyRead More →

State: Florida Today I got an early start because I wanted to make it to Crystal River. Since I slept deep in the woods, I felt rested and I made it into town without a hitch. I came into town with one thing on my mind…laundromat. I found one on my GPS and headed there. However, as I reached the parking lot, a couple walking in the direction I was heading started up the usual conversation with me: “That’s quite a load you’ve got there. Where are you headed?” the woman said. “Well I’m headed to do some laundry right now,” I said and laughed indicatingRead More →

The Outsider and the family he met in Daytona Beach

State: Florida I woke up feeling refreshed from another good night’s sleep. After I did some much needed Yoga, I felt loose, relaxed, and ready for what was turning into a beautiful day. Shortly after this thought, Michelle and the kids emerged from the house. “I’m going to makes some eggs. Do you want some?” Michelle asked. “Sure, thank you,” I said smiling. Michelle then collected some eggs from the chicken coup and I realized I’d be getting a farm fresh breakfast. Awhile later, Michelle came out with a beautiful spread of over easy eggs, fruits, papaya, water with lemon, and coffee. “I think I may haveRead More →