State: Florida I stopped at a gas station to throw away some trash and this guy stopped me. “Hey I’ve seen you on Facebook,” he said. “You have?” I asked flabbergasted. “Yeah, you’re the guy backpacking all 50 states.” “Wow, that’s awesome! Didn’t know the word was getting around. My name is Seth,” I said shaking his hand. “Shank and this is Kat,” he said. “So where are you headed?” Kat asked. “Well right now I’m headed to Dunnellon. Then I’m going to head up to Devil’s Den.” “We can give you a ride. We’re headed right through Dunnellon.” Shank said. “Wow, thank you,” IRead More →

State: Florida So I know the book I’m writing about the beginning of my adventure in Florida is going to be a best seller. How you ask? I literally have a story for every day. For those of you that don’t know, I don’t hitchhike. However, if someone offers me a ride in the direction I’m going, I’ll take it. Today I was hiking with the goal of making it to Long Key from Marathon (around 10 miles and it was midday), so a tough trek but doable. As I walked a car passed me, stopped, and then backed up to me. The man insideRead More →

State: Florida Date: January 17th, 2016 Hey Y’all, I’m sitting here at a fan’s house (Patricia Stanley Share), who was kind enough to give me a place to stay for two days to weather the wicked storm that is passing through currently (Thunderstorm with 25 mph winds). Anyways, I have WIFI and POWER!!! So I think it’s time I updated you all on my journey so far and the adventures I’ve been having. The problem is that I’ve been literally having an adventure every day. So I decided to treat you all to an excerpt from my book. Keep in mind that this is onlyRead More →

State: Florida Today I got an early start because I wanted to make it to Crystal River. Since I slept deep in the woods, I felt rested and I made it into town without a hitch. I came into town with one thing on my mind…laundromat. I found one on my GPS and headed there. However, as I reached the parking lot, a couple walking in the direction I was heading started up the usual conversation with me: “That’s quite a load you’ve got there. Where are you headed?” the woman said. “Well I’m headed to do some laundry right now,” I said and laughed indicatingRead More →

The Outsider and the family he met in Daytona Beach

State: Florida I woke up feeling refreshed from another good night’s sleep. After I did some much needed Yoga, I felt loose, relaxed, and ready for what was turning into a beautiful day. Shortly after this thought, Michelle and the kids emerged from the house. “I’m going to makes some eggs. Do you want some?” Michelle asked. “Sure, thank you,” I said smiling. Michelle then collected some eggs from the chicken coup and I realized I’d be getting a farm fresh breakfast. Awhile later, Michelle came out with a beautiful spread of over easy eggs, fruits, papaya, water with lemon, and coffee. “I think I may haveRead More →