Date: 01/23/15 Today we join our hero in high spirits despite his current circumstances. Let’s find out what he’s been up too… Hello My Friends! It has been a little while since my last post, so let me catch you up.  Work has been going off and on. If you read my last post, you know how important it is for me to have full weeks of work to maintain my timeline, so that I can head out on May 1st. Currently, I just found out that I have off another week and a half. Yet I am not deterred or discouraged. Why you ask?Read More →

Date: 01/23/2015 Hello again my friends! So I realized that I should give you all the complete rundown of my trip plans. So you can see what all I will be doing, where I will be going, and how I will be getting there. First, I will start with the route I will be taking. It took me a long time to come up with this. The idea was to be north during summer and south during winter. When I was trying to figure this out I kept winding up in Minnesota in December hehehe. But I eventually figured it out. So without further ado, here is myRead More →

Date: 01/27/2015 As we join our hero, we find him stiff and sore, tired, still busy, and yet oddly satisfied. Lets listen in about how the past few days lead him to feel this way. Hello again my friends,   It’s amazing how much can happen in just a few days. But I will catch you up as best I can.   First off, if you read my last post you know that I’ve been given a week and a half off. I intended to take full advantage of it and plan, research, recruit, and get the word out about my trip. So here isRead More →

Date: 02/16/2015 Today we join our hero on one of his many days off as of late. No doubt he has some interesting updates for us. Let’s listen in and see what he has to say. Hello my friends, It’s been awhile, eh? Well let me update you on all I’ve been up too and how I’m coming along preparing for my trip across America.  I ended up getting to work about two weeks, which was great because I could finally start hammering down my last student loan again. I’m officially starting the t-minus 10 weeks (minus 3 when I sell my truck) countdown. So basicallyRead More →

Date: 02/24/2015 As we join our hero today, we find him greeting the sunrise with a smile and a hidden determination. Lets see what he has to say about the coming of the dawn. Hello my friends! It’s the start of a beautiful (albeit cold) day and I am ready to roll! Why you ask? Well, let me update you to my goings on. First being that I am going horseback riding today! There is a story behind this as well. My pastor’s daughter Chrys just started going to my old stomping ground (Frostburg State University) and is majoring in Wildlife Biology (What I majoredRead More →

Date: 03/18/2015 Today we join our hero in prayer, let’s listen in. Dear Jesus, I really need some help. Works dried up and I really need to work. I can’t stand to be in debt, it’s why I’ve been working so hard to pay it off. You’ve seen this because I know in my heart you helped me keep going even when I wanted to quit. Along with that, I’ve been trying to sell my truck to further reduce my debt, but I haven’t gotten a single call yet. Lord, please help me sell my truck… Please help me Lord, In Jesus name Amen. God: HoldRead More →

Date: 04/18/15 Today we join our hero in the middle of the night. A case of insomnia? Something on his mind? Lets listen in and find out what’s causing his night owl tendencies. Hello my friends! It has been a month since my last post and much has happened. I’ll start where I left off. As you know from my last post, I sold my truck. It was an interesting feeling to sell my truck and have the money in my hand. The money that equated to a year of hard work at minimum wage jobs right after I graduated. I say it was interestingRead More →

Date: 05/11/15 Today as we join our hero, we find him feeling a bit odd. The reason? This morning for breakfast he enjoyed a bowl of cereal and to drink…a can of Monster Rehab. Let’s listen in and see if he learned from his mistake. Hello my friends!!! It has been awhile and as usual a lot has happened. But first let me address this morning’s breakfast incident. Yes, I learned my lesson. Milk and Monster do not mix well. Just wanted an extra jump-start to the day. Despite a brief upset stomach, I am having a great start to the day. You see, lastRead More →

Date: 05/17/15 Today we find our hero contemplating the future. The day of his freedom is fast approaching and yet he has a feeling of apprehension. Lets listen in and find out why. Hello my friends, Since my last entry, work has picked up! This week I managed to get 57 hours in! So I’ll be able to take out another large chunk of my last student loan. And the good news doesn’t stop there. Next week is looking like another full week of work. So if all goes as planned, I’ll be able to cut my last student loan in half yet again! SoRead More →

is that it’s all on you.  You can’t make someone else do it for you. You can’t take a break and say you’ll come back to it later (No excuses!). And most importantly, you can’t ever give up! It’s all on you. That is the hardest thing about dedication. It takes everything you have and always asks for more, but those willing to give it…do something far greater than most men dream about…they succeed beyond their expectations. ***   Sometimes life will test your dedication though. And when life throws a test at you, get ready to be hit hard. I was recently tested thisRead More →