State: Vermont Date: 08/08/16 Current time on the road: 7 months and 8 days Before I set out on my journey through all 50 states, I had to find the right gear for the trip. I researched and researched the best gear and all kinds of different travel styles. However, when I came across the Expert Vagabond’s gear list I noticed he had a camping hammock. This intrigued me. Lightweight, off the ground, mosquito netting, and a rainfly? Sold! I checked the different brands, however, one name kept coming up and that name was Hennessy. I went through their inventory and chose the Explorer Deluxe Asym Zip with aRead More →

State: Florida I got up and headed to the second day of the Kanapaha Botanical Garden Festival with Tami and Jordan. However, Tami suggested that I explore Gainesville and dropped me off to do so. I first headed to Starbucks to wake up some more and get some writing done. Then I took Tami’s suggestion and headed to the Museum of Natural History and the Butterfly Rainforest. The museum had great exhibits including life-size replicas of Megalodon Shark jaws, Giant sloths, and Mastodons. It also had history about the Calusa, the Seminole Indians, and the first settlers of Florida. The Butterfly Rainforest was wonderful. SoRead More →

State: Florida I got up this morning covered in mosquito bites, sore, and not well rested. I couldn’t use my hammock with the mosquito netting because I needed to remain hidden. Therefore, I used my military sleeping bag and camo bivy cover. Only problem is with it being Florida, it gets hot. So the night consisted of opening the bivy cover to get some fresh air to cool down and getting a face full of mosquitos. Nevertheless, I got up and got moving down highway 441. I was told by Lori and David that I needed to check out Salt Springs and use a hiddenRead More →

State: Florida Sunday was my last day at Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens. I spent the day picking and shoveling on a bank where the new aviary is going to go. I loaded the dirt into Ray’s red pick up and then drove it into the field where there was a low spot that needed filled and then unloaded the dirt into it. Throughout the day I took a total of 5 truck loads out. I then went and dug up some worms to feed the fish. Meanwhile, Dr. Ray Webber and the others put together a going away party for me. David (Lori’s husband)Read More →

State: New Hampshire Date: 06/05/16 Volunteer: In each state I find a place to volunteer to make the world a better place wherever I go. Some of the time, I look for volunteering opportunities  online (like I did in Maine with volunteering through at a homestead), but more often the places find me. This past Sunday (July 3rd, 2016), I went to the Congregational Church of Laconia, United Church of Christ. It was suggested by Kelly and Sean, a couple who gave me a ride into Laconia.  I met some wonderful people there and was given the opportunity to share a recent story of God working in myRead More →

Date: 12/14/15 To prepare for my trip across America, I’ve had to thoroughly research all the gear that I’ll be taking with me. When I finally got my list together, the next step was finding the best deals, since I’m not a rich man by any means. Recently, I encountered three companies that made me realize how important it is to research not just the item you want, but the company as well. In this article, I’ll recommend two great companies that went above and beyond to help me get the equipment I needed for my trip and another company that you should avoid altogether. We’llRead More →

State: Florida I woke up well rested from the legendary day I had yesterday. While I was packing up my gear, Vicki (Kat and Shanks daughter) came out and said: “You know you can come in at any time right?” “Oh, I wasn’t sure you guys were up.” I finished packing and went inside. Shank, Kat, and Vicki treated me to a home cooked breakfast. I wolfed down my food and then Vicki came over and handed me a packet of Jerky. “Got this at the store for you.” “Mmm jerky. Thank you, you know Jerky is one of my staple foods. That, almonds, tuna,Read More →

State: Florida I woke up early to deer calling to each other pretty close to my camp. I felt great because I slept well. After stretching I broke camp. As I hiked, I thought about how much I couldn’t wait to change all my gear for a lighter style of backpacking. I reached a 7/11 mid-morning and went in to get a large sweet tea and the breakfast of champions…buffalo rollers. I sat down under a shady tree on the side of Old Kings Road and reflected on all the good times I had the past week with the Linkinhoker family. You couldn’t wipe theRead More →

Gulf Hagas

State: Maine Date: May 31st, 2016 I waited on the steps of my cabin. Every car that passed by made me perk up like a dog waiting for his master to get home from work. I was excited to get back on the road and to see a friend I hadn’t seen in years. The past few days I was going a bit stir crazy on the homestead. Sameness is not something my trip across America is about. Finally, a car pulled in and a tall brunette got out. I grabbed my backpack and walked up. “Are ya ready for an adventure lass?” I saidRead More →

State: Florida I was slow to get up because I didn’t sleep much at all. The sound from the road kept me up and the fact I had a roof rat (a species of rat in Florida that lives in trees and often in roofs, hence the nickname) land on my head during the night. Eventually, I got up after my morning routine of stretching and reading my bible. I finished crossing the causeway and was passing a gas station when this guy started coming toward me. “Hey man, I saw you back there and was curious what your sign said,” he said. “Oh, I’mRead More →