Cents by Seth Stivala
Cents – my third book

When Kitt Barlow flips a coin to decide whether or not to quite his job, winding up on the front lines of World War I was the last thing he expected to happen. Now, his only hope of survival depends upon his wits…and the change in his pocket. Read More!

The Liar's Bite by Seth Stivala
The Liar’s Bite – my second book

Nine tales that will sink their teeth into you and not let go. Two detectives search for answers at a grisly massacre, a bullied boy struggles to survive his tragic memories, and a man shipwrecked on a sandbar crosses unspeakable lines to survive. These stories and more—will haunt you long into the night…read more!

Fate of the Firelight
Fate of the Firelight – my first book

Waking to a living nightmare, David White finds himself trapped in his own home. Accompanied only by his dog Buddy, they search for a way out before it’s too late. But the key to their escape is trapped within his shattered memories…read more!