Things I Want to Do!

  1. Write a bestseller.
  2. Find true love.
  3. Go Skydiving.
  4. Climb to the highest point in all 50 states.
  5. Get scuba certified.
  6. Watch the sunrise where the sunlight first hits the USA (Mars Hill Maine on Bigrock Mountain).
  7. Get into a boxing match and win by KO.
  8. Participate in a demolition derby.
  9. Go Bungee Jumping.
  10. Get really good at wilderness survival and bushcraft.
  11. Win an eating contest.
  12. Drive a monster truck over a car.
  13. Drive a tank and shoot the cannon.
  14. Work at a zoo with the big cats.
  15. Go Sandboarding.
  16. Catch a fish bigger than me.
  17. Find out where in the US I want to live and buy some land there.
  18. Build a log cabin and/or house and/or castle to live in.
  19. Catch an alligator.
  20. Ride a bull.
  21. Get good at riding and taking care of a horse.
  22. Be in a movie.
  23. Star in a movie.
  24. Write a book dedicated to God.
  25. Run in a marathon and finish.
  26. Go to a renaissance festival in complete time period attire.
  27. Go hang gliding.
  28. Build a pirate ship.
  29. Build a catapult.
  30. Do something big for charity.
  31. Save a life.
  32. Win a poker tournament.

Things I Want to Learn!

  1. Learn another language (Italian or ASL).
  2. Learn how to whistle with your fingers.
  3. Learn how to sword fight (Kendo, German Longsword, etc).
  4. Learn how to surf.
  5. Learn how to dance.
  6. Learn how to paint.
  7. Learn how to draw.
  8. Learn how to quick draw a gun.
  9. Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow.
  10. Learn how to rock climb using all the gear.
  11. Learn how to Lasso.
  12. Learn how to cook.
  13. Learn how to work on a car.
  14. Learn how to sew.
  15. Learn woodworking.
  16. Learn how to sail.
  17. Learn how to do a backflip.
  18. Learn how to play the guitar.
  19. Learn how to fly a plane.