The Outsider’s RoadTrip to Ginnie Springs Florida

In this video, we give the Beardmobile its first testrun by driving a 1000 miles down to Ginnie Springs Florida.

The Outsider Presents: Devil’s Den Prehistoric Park

In this video, I take you on a first person view tour of Devil’s Den in Florida. A natural spring in a cavern you can snorkel and scuba dive.

The Outsider’s Peruvian Adventure on the Salkantay Trail!!!

In this video, I take you with me as I hike the Salkantay trail in Peru. This is one of two trails that lead to Machu Picchu.

The Outsider Climbs: Pico De Orizaba

Watch as I attempt to climb the 3rd largest mountain in North America.

The Outsider Presents: Mount Katahdin

A first person view hike of my favorite mountain, Mount Katahdin.

The Outsider Presents: The 7 Mile Bridge

Watch as I continue my hike out of the Florida Keys and have to cross the 7 mile bridge!